Today’s touchscreen devices including laptops, smartphones, tablets, Mp3 players, and E-readers are fingerprint and dust magnets.

You need to be cautious cleaning the easily scratched surfaces of all your electronic devices. This makes the ruff surface of a paper towel a bad choice.

Standard towels tend to just smear the greasy fingerprints around the surface, and leave behind lint.

The small size of a typical eyeglass cleaning cloth tends to make the job cumbersome. Plus eyeglass cloths are meant for use with cleaning solutions to prevent smearing. Eyeglass cloths with cleaning solutions are another bad choice for your electronic devices!

Here’s how to use the W3 Clean and Shine Cloth to remove fingerprints and dust from your electronic devices safely, quickly, and easily. Soak a new W3 Cloth in warm water for 10 minutes, and then lay it out to dry.

Once dry, cut your cloth into fourths to create four soft and safe electronic-device cleaning cloths. Use the cloths to clean and shine away fingerprints and dust on all your devices. They will also work great cleaning your eyeglasses and camera lenses without requiring any cleaning solutions.