This close-up of a small section of the W3 Cloth shows the microfilament fiber construction.

Each filament is 1/5th the diameter of a strand of silk!

You can see how the pressed fiber construction forms ridges and open spaces.

These open spaces trap and hold dirt and grime—that’s the secret of the cloth’s amazing dust-free, lint-free, streak-free cleaning capability.

This is what sets the W3 Cloth apart from other cleaning cloths! Ordinary cloth cleaning towels tend to push dirt and dust around the surface you are trying to clean, and often leave behind lint. Paper towels—while absorbent—leave behind dust and lint. (Not to mention paper towel is expensive to use!)

The W3 Clean and Shine Cloth will hold 7-times its weight in dirt, dust, grime and liquid. This allows you to clean large areas with a single rinse of the cloth.

After you have soiled the cloth’s 8-cleaning surfaces, (see video) simply rinse your W3 Cloth clean with tap water, wring it, and you are ready to wipe clean more surfaces.