W3 Cloth Weave

Why Does The W3 Cloth Clean So Well?

6000 Strands Per Inch!

Pressed fiber construction forms ridges and spaces that trap and hold dirt and grime! The cloth holds 7 times its weight in dirt, grime and liquid.
Rinse your W3 Cloth clean with tap water!
W3 Cloth

W3 Cloth Is 16x16 Inches Of Durability!

It Takes 3000 lbs of Pressure to Tear a W3 Cloth!

The W3 Cloth is Strong, Long Lasting, and Washable! Use you cloth over and over and over again to clean and shine any surface.
When needed, clean your cloth with a drop of dish soap!
Chemical and Paper Towel

Save A Tree & Live Healthy!

Stop Spending Money On Chemicals And Paper Towels!

How much do you spend on paper towel and glass/surface cleaner? The W3 and water is all you need to clean and shine surfaces. The hypoallergenic cloth is good for you and the environment, plus saves you money!

W3 Clean & Shine Cloth

by Randy Grosse Marketing

Clean & Shine Any Surface With The W3 Cloth & Water!

Cleaning Made Easy – Just…
Wet It – Wring It – Wipe It!

Wet It
Wring It
Wipe It

Use ONLY Water — Clean Any Surface

♦Windows ♦Glass ♦Mirrors ♦Aluminum ♦Stainless ♦Leather ♦Vinyl ♦Wood ♦Floors ♦Walls ♦Tile ♦Granite ♦Computer & T.V. Screens ♦Bathroom Tub, Tile, Fixtures ♦Kitchen Appliances, Counters ♦Cook Tops ♦Sinks ♦Chrome ♦Plastic ♦Fiberglass ♦Acrylic ♦Cars ♦RVs ♦Boats ♦Motorcycles ♦Windshields ♦Tire Rims ♦Window Screens ♦Replace Swiffer Refills

Removes —

♦Dust ♦Dirt ♦Grime ♦Oil ♦Grease ♦Fingerprints ♦Bugs ♦Tar ♦Brake Dust ♦Water Spots ♦Soap Scum ♦AND SO MUCH MORE! ♦No Soap ♦No Chemicals ♦No Paper Towels

3 Year Warranty — Use Your W3 Cloth Over & Over!

I spent an entire day cleaning my house with this cloth! Once I started I couldn’t stop. Windows, screens, stainless steel, back splash grease, oven grime, the list goes on. No streaks, no dust left behind! I kept rinsing it out and it kept on doing its thing! Last stop, wood stove! Can’t wait to see what this beauty does in the bathroom!
Christie M
By the time I got the mirrors, vanity tops, and porcelain clean, I’d go through an entire role of paper towels cleaning the 2.5 bathrooms in my home once a week. Now I dedicate one W3 cloth to bathrooms and never need the paper towel. Not only does the cloth live up to its promises, but I’m saving money. And I like the fact I’m not using surface cleaners as well!
Linda G
We display fine art photography framed behind glass. These frames get moved from show to show, and are stored out in the open between shows. Cleaning the dust and fingerprints from the glass used to take about 30 minutes, and I had to remember the glass cleaner and towel. Now I just wet and ring the W3 cloth and wipe the glass clean in minutes – awesome!
Owner, SourceLight Images